In September of 2023 we had a small family gathering at Indian Cave State Park. I had never camped there before so I thought it could be fun. I generally don’t visit Nebraska State Parks because of the amount of fees you must pay (even more for out of state residents) to make it happen. This year, I decided to take the plunge after I was invited to join a family gathering.

The campground is amazingly shaded and down at the bottom of a steep hill. There are about 135 campsites too. There are some 30 AMP and some 50 AMP sites but only 1 dump station to serve them all. We were lucky to have water at our site (for all to use) so I was able to top my tank off after I was parked safely in my spot.

The mobile reception down at the bottom of the hill was sketchy at best but it was good enough for me to stream a few football games on Saturday. We had several family members present which made this an amazing weekend gathering. The weather couldn’t of been any nicer than it was either. We only needed casual AC usage due to the shade.

The park has a little abandoned town at the bottom of the hill which has a broom maker, black smith, some candle making and soap too I think. There are also horses to rent for trail rides but they were closed down for the year. Apparently, the blacksmith didn’t survive Covid so that town was all closed up with the exception of the broom maker. I bought two brooms for my camper.

The cave isn’t much to look at IMHO but there is a nice deck to go up and see it. We took some photos for you to enjoy. We also had a professional drone pilot handy so we got some nice photos from above.

The weekend went fast and this park is worth visiting again sometime. I was very impressed with the campground staff and our camp host. I didn’t bring any firewood in due to me being an out of state resident so we spent a bundle to get one.

All in all we had a fantastic time as shown by all the evidence below. Let me also just add the kids are not in any way camera shy.

Below are a series of 360 photos I took during the trip. Be sure to watch for links in each photo to navigate between them. Have fun! We sure did creating them. For best results, maximize the photo.