I don’t usually go camping on Memorial and/or Labor Day Weekends but this year I had a camp spot fall into my lap so I decided to give it a go. The destination was Storm Lake Iowa and their Sunrise Campground. I have been to this campground a few times in the past but not recently.
The campground was much like I remember it. The spots are all level but fairly close together. They are also full hookup spots which is a nice feature. The campground was fairly clean and the camp hosts were fantastic.

The town is very proud of their city and the lake front looked amazing. It was a lot of fun to ride the bikes up and down the trails. They also put on one heck of a display at the court house call the Parade of Flags. I took some photos and video but I doubt they will do it justice.

The campground is a very nice place to base camp but if you are just camping to go camping, it might not be ideal. We had an Oak Tree in our lot that really needed a lower branch trim. It was more like a bush. The restrooms/showers were very nice and clean and the Verizon Service was adequate.

Molly and I were invited to a cookout and everybody was very friendly. I took some photos which I will post below. There are also a few videos of the campground and the parade of flags. The videos are in 360 mode so if they appear funny to you, that’s probably because your browser doesn’t support 360 videos. You can try and load them in the YouTube app (or better yet your Oculus).

Storm Lake Parade of Flags
Sunrise Campground Tour 1 – During the week
Storm Lake Campground Tour 2 – Complete Loops at Sunset
Nearby Lake Side Campground