We had so much fun last year at Pella, we decided to visit again. We also picked the same loop again. This year I noticed the bugs were extremely hungry and very relentless. We ventured back into town to visit the shops (especially the bakeries). We also took some bike rides down the trail they have by the lake.

The Verizon Reception was not good in our camp and I was not able to conduct any business from our hotspot. That’s okay because, we are supposed to be camping.

Along with camping comes weather. We actually left a day early to avoid the severe weather that was predicted. As luck would have it, we drove through Greenville Iowa which the very next day was hit by an EF4.

I took the time to film a 360 tour of the campground. My idea was next time I wanted to see what a specific site looked like, I could watch the video along with the campsite map and pick out my site that way. Maybe others will find it useful too. Watch for that below along with all the new photos I took. BTW: You may need to view the video inside of the YouTube app for the 360 to function properly. Also, be sure to select the high def version if you can swing it.

A word about these videos on YouTube in 360 mode: If the video looks goofy, then you’re likely viewing it from a browser on a mobile device. For whatever reason, that scenario isn’t supported by your mobile browser. Instead, try loading the video directly in the YouTube app if you are on your mobile device. Open the YouTube app and search for “oNoxTJktPvI” or search for “NiasNebraska” and look for the “Roberts Creek West Campground Tour”.

Watch this video on YouTube by searching for NiasNebraska.