We took another trip to Waubonsie State Park. We hadn’t been out there in quite some time. Naturally, I just picked a pull through site from the web site and reserved it ahead of time. I know the campground is rather small for a state park so I wanted to be sure I had a spot reserved.

When I got to the park, to my amazement, the site was pretty small and not level. Sometimes sites lean left or right and sometimes they lean forwards or backwards. This one did both. I had a fun time getting my camper level without the wheels coming off the ground. She leveled the first time though. The front end was damn near sitting on the ground. In fact, I knocked my melon on the bedroom slide no fewer than 10 times during the weekend. This slide is usually way above my head so I wasn’t used to it being that low.

The internet connection in this park is not very good (perhaps 1 bar and occasionally for a brief moment 2 bars). My site, while not level was completely shaded most of the time under a big tree (which littered my slides with stuff). The temps were about 100 degrees most of the time we were there but the AC keep the unit at 74 degrees (where I had it set).

One night, we got some pretty serious rain and towards the end of it, I started getting dripped on in bed. Upon inspection I did find a small hole along the nose cone seal on the top of the camper. I sealed this hole with some Dicor and that was the end of it. When my camper is in storage, the sun will hit that spot in the afternoons.

The other wonky issue with my campsite was the power was on the same side as the fire pit. So I had to go into the “back yard” to sit by the fire. It was either that or stretch my power cord from the further corner to the opposite corner to get plugged in. As it was 100 degrees out most of the time and very humid, I didn’t spend much time by the first. As I brought a bunch of my own wood, and I was determined not to take it home, I did spend most of Saturday afternoon drinking and burning.

Well that’s it for now. Please see the photos below. As usual, they all have captions.