In early May of 2022 we ventured North to Marble Beach. This is the first stop on our 2022 Spring Tour. We had not visited this area in a long time. The weather was very cool that far North and we found ourselves running the furnace at night. During the day time it would warm up enough to where it wasn’t needed.

The winds were pretty stiff and a cool breeze came in off the lake almost all of the time. I bet this would be really nice in hot weather. We did have a day or so of calm weather where we could enjoy the area. Of course, the day we left a very strong stiff South Wind came to visit and we spent the entire day driving with that cross wind.

The Verizon Service was iffy in this area. I do not believe it would support a VPN connection where we were. There are other areas though where the service was full speed ahead. It was just weird.

The local car museum was pretty amazing and I would recommend a visit there. We also visited the oldest wooden roller coaster but it wasn’t open for the season yet. Click on the link to see all the photos I got there. I may have taken a little too many.

It was a very nice relaxing break for us and we enjoyed our visit. We may have to revisit later in the year. Then again, the early Spring visit left us with a lot of privacy. If you’re planning a visit, bring all your levelers! Most of the sites aren’t level both side to side and front to back.

Attached below are some photos of the area that we took. If you click on them, you should get a quick description.

Next stop on the Tour is Maquoketa!