A few years ago I added a nifty hose reel to my camper.  I was sick and tired of arguing with packing the hose when I was done with it.  Even worse, I was limited to what hose would fit into the milk crates.  Let’s face it, the water hoses they sell these days crimp easily when they are not under pressure.  All this had me researching a hose reel that would work with my camper.  I finally found it on Amazon and I mounted it inside the front cargo area between the landing gear.  

Not only did I now have an easy way to put the hose away, I also had room for 200 feet of hose.  This presented a fantastic opportunity to stretch out 200 feet to get water.  Here in Iowa, state parks are a frequent destination but only a few offer full hookups.  They do have water available a short distance away from any camp site.  So I would just get an electric site and stretch my hose out when I needed water.  That saves me from having to pack up my RV and go get water.  Of course I carry a waste tote to exchange out the grey water too.  

This year I decided to take it a step further and run some Pex from the hose reel over to the side door where the hook-ups are.  Now I can just attach a leader hose on the camper side and un-reel enough hose to get to the water source.  It was a small enhancement but offers a time saving update as I don’t have to unwind a complete hose to make it work.  

I load the hose on to the reel backwards and use a gender bender to allow me to connect it to the reel.  So the female end is out and the male end is in the center.  Then I gender bender it again with the Pex so I can connect a leader hose to the camper or the tank input.  I loaded the longer hoses first and some shorter ones last.  That allows me to take off a hose for full hookup sites and then easily wind it back up again when I’m done.  

Anyway, I took a few photos but nothing too detailed.  They are below.