I thought we were done with campground updates here at Arrowhead when campground #3 got completely revamped complete with 50 AMP hookups. That was a nice touch.

Now campground #4 which was previously just a field where anyone could camp anywhere they wanted, now has official camping spots. The site is still blocked off to traffic. I suspect that’s until the ground cover gets established. It doesn’t look like it’ll open until next year at this point.

They also added, way up at the top and out of view, a new road with more camping spots. These spots all have water and sewer hookups. That’s very interesting except there are no power pedestals. Have you ever had water and sewer but no electric? Maybe that comes later.

Anyway the park is always about full on weekends so the addition of all these spots may help with that. I was hiking through one day and snapped a few photos. I am sharing them below.