So today we took a ride over to Arrowhead County Park to do a little PT and low and behold I discovered they quietly updated campground #3. These updates include revamping the pads not only with fresh new gravel but also they now slant properly to make it easier to back in. That’s not all! They also updated the sites to 50 AMP service. So now there are at least two campgrounds here that can do 50 AMP.

This park is a nice little park and now it is even better. They also, recently added new cabins and a new bridge going across the lake near the boat ramp. This makes for a great loop to walk for our PT and adds much value to our membership.

Construction looks to be completed but not totally wrapped up. Maybe there’s more to come. Who knows at this point? The ranger up at Hitchcock mentioned something about adding sewer hook ups there so maybe something similar would happen at Arrowhead as well. Water service doesn’t matter much to us with our handy dandy hose real on board.

Anyway, here are some photos I took of the park. Enjoy!