It was a two night stay just before my Lake Anita trip (a total of 9 nights camping) which became our Fall Tour for 2022. This year we decided to just stay at one campground instead of moving around a few times during the course of the week.

I choose to use a two night pass I earned ahead of our trip up at Hitchcock Nature Center. They have recently added running water to the sites and have plans to add sewer hookups making these sites full service. They also re-paved the roads through-out the campground. It’s still a very small and quiet campground though.

I came in on Monday right after Labor Day to secure my spot. There are no reservations at this campground but I took a gamble that many folks would be leaving Monday to wrap up their weekend. It paid off.

The camper fought me on this one. In one night, I discovered a mouse had made it’s way into the campground and into the waffle mix and tortilla shells. I was forced to throw away anything that a mouse could access (much of my food is stored in bins by default anyway).

If that wasn’t enough, while I was making dinner on the camp fire, a screw came loose in my door jam and locked me out of the camper. I had to force the door open with a screw driver to get back in. My door is now a little beat up and slightly bent at the bottom. I might try and replace this door soon.

Why stop there? While I was hunting mice in the camper, I opened a cabinet door in the bedroom and the whole thing fell apart in my hand. The cabinets in these trailers are very light weight making them very fragile. Luckily for me, a little glue could resolve this. It was just the timing of it that got me.

After making my way through the pitch black of the campground to the dumpster and back to toss my food, I took a breather and sat down on the bed. It was then that I noticed a cord coming out of the closet and resting on Molly. I reached down and discovered it wasn’t a cord at all. It was actually the caulking that held the glass panel in place. This night just gets better and better.

So one of the two nights was a bust but the next day I plugged the hole in the underbelly, cleaned up after my uninvited guest and hot-glued my closet door back to “secure”. The cabinet door would have to wait until I could get some clamps and some wood glue (I carry neither with me).

Anyway, here are the photos I took during my very short and dramatic stay at Camp Hitchcock (no blame to the campground of my camper issues though).