We arrived here from Volga River SRA

In June of 2021, we stopped in at Black Hawk State Park.  This was my first time at this particular park.  The camping spots were very crowded and folks parked their vehicles right off the road. When we arrived the road was very crowded, there was a tree straight across from my spot and a sign post which seemed to be strategically placed to stop any success.  Luckily the sign posts come right out and my neighbor for the weekend obliged. The site wasn’t deep enough to back in and leave the truck hooked up to the camper either so we had to hurry so traffic could flow.  Everyone in the park was very friendly and understanding of the situation too.  The weather was pretty nice and we cooked a nice steak for dinner on the grill.  We only stayed the weekend at this park as it was the last stop on our week tour for Summer.  

Below are some photos of our experience.  I think I would visit this park again except I would come in on Thursday and leave on Monday to avoid the mad rush.  The line to the dump station appears to be placed in such a way that it would block folks from leaving who didn’t need to dump.  

This concludes our Summer Adventure!