For the record, we did not camp at Spook Cave.  We had plans to do this in 2020 however Covid forced us to cancel our reservation.  We did take the time to pop in for a visit and cave tour this year though.  

The campground is not at all how I envisioned it from the campground map.  The place looks amazing and is off the beaten trail.  The campsites themselves are not at all what I am used to.  They are more like a little grassy area with no official boundaries like other campgrounds.  All in all the place is very quiet and very scenic.  It’s a nice little setup.  The price though is a little steep in my opinion.  

We decided to go ahead and take the cave tour.  I was fairly disappointed with the cave tour.  Personally, I’m a history nut and I enjoy hearing the historic parts about the cave but our guide couldn’t speak to that too much.  The tour instead featured gimmicks and such which I really did not appreciate.  The cave was nice and cool and the water was freezing. It is what it is, but I would of rather had more of a history background on the cave. 

Anyway, below are some photos I took of my experience.  I would consider visiting this with our camper but it would have to be a short stay with the price they charge.  The gift shop was very nice and we had ice cream.  I wanted to buy a shot glass but the store was closed when the tour ended.  Bummer!

We ventured here while staying at Volga River SRA on our Summer Tour