We just came from Brushy Creek State Park

We camped at Volga River for the work week.  We used it as a base camp to tour the area and see what was around.  We did make several side trips around the area and I’ll document those elsewhere.  We even travelled into Wisconsin for lunch and Minnesota to make a U-turn.  

The camp sites here are very nice and spacious.  The pads were cemented and we had a full hookup site.  I have no complaints about the campground itself but there was no view of the lake.  There were also plenty of trails but we didn’t venture down any of them.  The campground is very secluded from anything and everything.  Short of a kids swing set, that was it for activities.  

Getting to the park was a little challenging as the highway was closed South of town.  That was unfortunate.  The town itself didn’t have a lot to offer either.  

I didn’t take a large number of photos here (outside of the side trips) but here are a few of the campground.  These will come in handy this winter when I’m wishing I was camping again.


Click on the images for very descriptive captions!!

Next stop on the Summer tour is Black Hawk State Park


Check out the side trips