We just arrived from Green Valley State Park.

Lake Rathbun is on the other side of the state.  I have never been to this park before and it reminded me of some sights down in the Ozarks.  I think it was all the trees, the marinas and the camping sites that did it.  I must admit that I want to get over to the area again soon.  We only spent two nights here.  

The weather started looking up too!  We could actually go outside without sweat shirts on for the first time.  Our sites were level (but not all of them were) and very large too.  

We also ventured over to nearby Honey Creek State Park and Honey Creek Resort State Park to tour the area.  The former was interesting.  The roads were brand new and in really good shape but the campground looked like a converted parking lot.  There were few trees and the sites were very close together.  I’m not sure I would enjoy staying here unless I was going to do a lot of hiking.  The resort was very nice and elaborate.  It had a golf course surrounded by cabins (each with a dish on top), a fancy RV park with paved pads, a resort/hotel and many other nice features.  Both parks were very much deserted though.  We must of been there a little early.  

Anyway, I am attaching some photos.  Click on each one to see the nice captions.  You’ll appreciate the energy in the air (or you won’t; either way I’m right).  

Next Stop Lake of Three Fires