We just arrived from Lake Rathbun!

Here we are on our last stop of our amazing Spring Journey across Iowa and back.  We had planned on doing some horse back riding but the weather didn’t permit.  For that reason, I also neglected to get any horse photos.  Rats.  

The weather was still fairly nice, even with the rain and we did a lot of walking around the park to explore it.  Next time I know to bring the frisbees.  They have a 9 hole course here.  Very nice.  The cell phone reception was also good.  Good luck getting a propane bottle refilled (not to be confused with a bottle exchange).  It wasn’t happening.  

I was also very fortunate to meet Mary and Lisa at the park for this stop.  Due to all the excitement going on, we didn’t get to sit down too much with Lisa and her gang but Mary stuck around.  Some clown left Oreo cookies unattended in our camp and we stumbled upon them…a few times…that’s my story.  Don’t tell mom.  We also cooked breakfast over an open fire in some cast iron.  All in all the stop was very relaxing and the park isn’t too bad except our site leaned to the right just a tad.  

Hey guess what!  I am attaching some photos to this post.  Be sure to click on them for an amazing burst of full colors.  You’ll be glad you did!