Mary and I spent the holiday weekend on a fast track to Branson Missouri (with a limited time stop at Lamberts on the way in).  Here are some of the photos we took along the way.  

Shortly after arriving, we recognized that Silver Dollar City has succumbed to the class system when it comes to rides.  If you pay extra, you don’t have to wait in line.  We decided to update to season passes and partake in the class upgrade.  Now we can stroll around at our leisure and jump the line for any ride we want to go on.  It’s sad but it’s also nice.  

The favorite attraction is the Time Traveler Coaster.  We rode the thing about 12 times.  The average wait time to wait for this ride is over an hour during the day so that pass works nice.  You not only go to the front of the line but you also get to pick which seat you want to try out.  I think that’s pretty cool.  Standing in a hot line for an hour at a time for a 3 minute ride isn’t that exciting.

Another update worth mentioning is the Mystic River Ride.  This has been updated recently and is well done.  The ride ends with a ride up a 6 story elevator and that sticks you on a fast spinning ride to a giant splash down.  Sadly, the ride was out of order about as much as it was in order.  Once, we were on the ride and waiting to take off and they kicked us off and said it was out of service.  

The Fire in the Hole Ride was / is a favorite and it doesn’t disappoint either.  That ride along with the Powder Keg was also out of order for periods of time through the day.  The Outlaw Run was down the first day so we didn’t get a chance to ride that until we returned the second day.  The Powder Keg only had a single car running on the second day so the line was super slow.  You spend more time waiting to launch while sitting in the car than you do riding in the car.  

We also spent time riding the Branson Run-Away Coaster and the Saw Mill coaster.  Those are fun to ride but a little pricey for what they are.  You need to try it once or twice though.  

Anyway, attached are some of our photos for your entertainment pleasure.  I will also attach a few mountain coaster videos too.


WARNING!  This video is used without the Gyro Mount and so it is very shaky.  When I used the Gyro (see previous post) we didn’t stay on track.