This is our final stop on our Spring Tour. Lake Wapello is a beautiful area near Drakesville. It was our first time visiting this park. It isn’t far from Lake Rathbun which we visited only last year. The area is very scenic and I was pleasantly surprised. The campground was pretty nice as well although there were not a lot of trees in the camp site (just around the edges). Our sites were a little tricky backing into because of the right angle but we managed.

The concession area / boat rental shop etc. was all closed up until the holiday. The beach looked pretty nice though. I think the building needed a little upkeep but perhaps that happens when it opens up.

We enjoyed full hookups at the campground and were, for the most part, at the top of the hill and not near the lake. There were open sites and many of those were reserved but nobody showed up. I did not try to connect my hot spot while I was here but I doubt it would work well. The area was secluded.

We made a few side trips which I will post independently as time permits. The weather was very pleasant compared to the previous weekend. They threatened us with thunder storms but nothing ever happened. It did start to sprinkle as we were leaving however.

I am attaching some photos as usual. As you can see, the area was very secluded and scenic.

We arrived from Maquoketa.