This is the first stop of our 4 stop, 2 week outing in the spring of 2021.  It was unseasonably cold outside and the camper was not having it.  Two minutes after arriving, a routine tire inspection showed that I was not going to get much further.  With the trip in jeopardy, I made some calls and was able to snag a new set of Goodyear tires.  I borrowed a spare tire and made two separate trips into Omaha before and after work to have the new tires mounted.  It was a lot of work but we were ready to roll. 

We had to run the furnace a lot because it was around 40 degrees when we stayed here.  I was working from the camper during this stay using my jetpack (which BTW works very well here) so there was very little time to explore the hiking trails this time. 

Also, it is worth noting the park now has water at all the sites (and 50 AMP too!) but the price has increased from $15 last year to $25 this year per night.  Personally, I think that is just a tad steep so this park might be a once per year stop for us now. 

Remember how I said the camper wasn’t having it?  Well even after I reset the leveling system, it still would not auto level for me.  I contacted the dealer for advice and leveled it manually.  That’s not the most entertaining item to do because you have to do that from the keypad inside and then run outside and check for level.  Rinse and repeat!  The nice man at the dealer told me to reset the computer by cutting the power.  I told him I’d do it at the next stop and he said to call him back either way when I finished doing the reset again.

Anyway, I am attaching some photos though.  Most will have captions if you click on them for more detailed information.  This will enhance your day greatly.  I highly recommend it.

Next stop Green Valley State Park!