Last fall recall we did an AC Update to both units in the RV.  The work is described in a previous article.  Please feel free to visit.  

This Spring while on a trip where it became necessary to use both the furnace and the AC within the span of a week, we camped at Maquoketa Caves SP (article to follow soon).  When we arrived, the temps there felt like Arkansas in Late June.  The pine trees supported the feel as well.  Anyway it was hot and humid the entire time we were there.  This was the perfect opportunity to test out the AC units from the change we did last October.  

I will have to say, without a doubt, everything ran as I would of expected it should have from the beginning.  On the first day, the bedroom unit (which was set to 70), kept the entire cabin cool enough that the rear unit, set at 73, never turned on until about 9:30 AM.  That’s unheard of until now.  All day long both units kept the cabin nice and cool and both units cycled on and off all day long.

The remaining 3 nights and 4 days, the camper never got above 74 and both units did not need to run 100% of the time like before.  I’ve never been happier with this camper.  It’s also worth mentioning the previous issue described where one or both of the units would shut off and never come back on again never happened a single time.  For now, I’m calling that issue resolved.  

I added a few thermostat photos to the end of the original gallery to show how awesome things are working now.