Wilson Island will be our last stop for the camping season.  We were lucky to find 3 spots open and all right next to each other.  The weather was pretty warm but Saturday it was cloudy all day (which really wasn’t that bad actually).  We had lots of company for this stop too.

Wilson Island had been closed due to flooding issues but was open for this year.  The large loop we were in was ideal for a Saturday Night Husker Game.  Many of the other campers were really into it.  

On this particular trip we spent most of the time smoking food, chatting around the fire, holding down the hammocks, visiting with Otto and playing with the dogs.  It was a weekend free from the hectic busy lifestyle we are all familiar with lately.  It was a very nice, much deserved break before things get busy again.

As usual, I am attaching some photos that were taken from the weekend as well as a short 360 video.


360 Videos are not supported in many browsers (not sure why) so if you can’t get it to work, open the YouTube App and search for niasnebraska to see the video.