We ventured up to Denison Iowa for a nice stay at Yellow Smoke Park.  As this was right after the holiday, we had to work with some locals to get us a spot before we could get in.  The park featured a firework show so it was jam packed with campers.  Many of them maxed out their stay and had to leave on the 5th so that worked out very nice for us.   

Many of the sites, including ours, were not level and I actually had to run into town and buy additional Lynx Levelers from the local camping store.  Now I have 4 packs of 10 plus caps.  Anyway, there’s a steep hill to get over to get into the park but it isn’t really all that bad.  I did not test my hot spot at this park so I can’t speak to the quality of service.  I pulled a small bass out of the lake and turned it loose again.  Of course the local Dairy Queen is a hot spot too.  We had a lot of fun camping and even mingled with some of the locals while we were there.  


Here are a few photos we took while we were there.